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I am a certified Reiki Practitioner and Angel Card Reader. Although not currently practicing. I make a limited number of energy therapy sessions, email oracle card readings and daily practice workshops available when I can. As I am not a business, appointments are only available when I can fit them around my husband's cancer treatment. I do not accept payment. You may, however, choose to make an exchange of gratitude in the form of a donation of your choice, if you would like to.

Energy Therapy and  Daily Practice:

Are you interested in Energy Therapy? Discover the benefits of a daily practice that  helps to create a calmer, more relaxed way of being today. Join our fun, like minded community and learn more about the tools, techniques and benefits of a gentle energy therapy - as a simple daily practice.  Join in the conversation at Callie's Quiet Room, a quiet place to spend a little time; where you could just find  that  little extra piece of  inspiration or wisdom that you have been searching for.

Appointments can be arranged for a chat if you wish to learn more about the benefits of a simple, gentle Energy Therapy.

Private Email Angel Card Readings:

For information regarding our Private Email Angel Card Readings please use our contact tab, or you may prefer to reach out to us through one of our social pages. I do a limited number of readings per week. I do not accept payment. A gratitude exchange can be made, in the form of a donation of your choice.

CallieMM is our website and blog dedicated to our family's cancer story: it documents my husband's battle with cancer from diagnosis through his ongoing treatment and amputation to now managing the disease at home. It also covers an eclectic range of things I like to write about, including but not limited to real life, love, wellness,  metaphysics and fiction. You are always welcome to spend a little time with us there.

Beachliving65: is where you'll find beautiful images of all things beach related. Lifestyle, wellness and home interiors inspired by beach living

VW - Hunt and Pick: is My Family's Buy & Sell, Wanted & Stuff We Love... Hobby page on fb! (when we have time) we add items for sale to the page albums, feel free to browse.These may include, but are not limited to VW parts, panels, collectibles, new and secondhand clothing and accessories, furniture, toys, knick knacks and more: pick up items from your picking by Appointment. We are also happy to post!

Life is good, and hope is limitless.

Callie x

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