About : Creating abundance and joy through positive action...today!

Callie's Quiet Room and Reiki Practice is our fb social page, created to share my interest in in the benefits of Energy Therapy, a daily practice and connecting to your Inner-Wisdom.

Find tips, ideas and inspirations that help you maintain a personal daily practice - creating abundance and joy in life through positive action today. Including inspirations and words of wisdom through the oracle cards.

VW - Hunt and Pick is My Family's Buy, Sell, Swap, Wanted & Stuff We Love... Hobby page on fb! Browse VW parts, panels, collectibles & knick knacks and pick up items from your picking; by Appointment. We are also happy to post! 

Pop over to VW - Hunt and Pick & Callie's Quiet Room to join a fun community of like minded friends.

 we blog at calliemm.com

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