About : Creating abundance and wellness through positive action...today!

CallieMM: is a website that has multiple purposes. It is where we share our family's ongoing cancer story. My interests in writing and my passion for sharing the benefits of a peaceful daily practice.

Callie's Quiet Room: is where you'll find tips, ideas and inspirations to maintain a personal daily practice - to inspire you to create abundance and wellness in your life through positive action today. Including inspirations and words of wisdom through the oracle cards.

Beachliving65: is where you'll find beautiful images of all things beach related. Lifestyle, wellness and home interiors inspired by beach living

VW - Hunt and Pick: is My Family's Buy & Sell, Wanted & Stuff We Love... Hobby page on fb! (when we have time) we add items for sale to the page albums, feel free to browse.These may include, but are not limited to VW parts, panels, collectibles, new and secondhand clothing and accessories, furniture, toys, knick knacks and more: pick up items from your picking by Appointment. We are also happy to post!

 we blog at calliemm.com

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